La pampa - Sept 2006

Ciao Buenos Aires, buen Dia La pampa.

The road is long, farms all the long and a rich fauna. It is the area of  the Gauchos. The smallest farms have grounds of 300 hectares… We can see birds of all colors, also raptors,… The sun is shinning, and the more we go to the south and the more the nights become cold.









We join the sea after a bivouac in a fisher camp. The children learn how to fish in the laguna with the local people.

Daniel discovers the Mate, the local drink…










We drive for some kilometers with the Land on the beach, the children sitting on the trailer. At a moment the trailer is stucked in the sand, the car is able to go out easily but without the trailer. Hopefully Marcielo helps us to take out the trailer and gives us some recommendations for the future.

The sky is splendid and the sunrise too ...