Bolivie - The Pampa - Dec 2006

We decide to travel to the Pampa and the Jungle. We let our car in the parking of the hotel and we take a small airplane (19 seats). Quickly we arrive in the amazonia. We land on a small ground land covered with grass. What a difference with La Paz. Here, it is so hot and humid ... normal for amazonia.

We found that there is a organised tour for tomorrow ... Fine, we join the group without to lose time. We reach the campsite with a motorised canoe.



The pampa abounds in animals. Incredible !

We go walking in swamp looking for anaconda. Even if Luis, our guide tries his best , we can not find anyone ...

So, we take the opportunity to look for the flora and to know each other better.






Back to the campsite, we found Catherine, Luka and Emma waiting for us. They are excited, they were in front of an alligator some minutes ago. Then, we decided a 'farniente' for all to recover a little bit.

Pink dolfins... Incredible !

We go swimming with the dolfins in the hot water but not very transparent. Every one goes in the water except Luka who has to be managed by Catherine to avoid that he jumps in the water.






Superb sunset in the Laguna ... We stop the engine and from the canoe, we admire the sun going down slowly before to reach again the campsite where Jesus, the cooker is preparing the meal.







By night, in the canoe, equiped with our torches, we look for the red eyes of the alligators ... We listen the fantastic noise and we have the visit of a young alligator.







To celebrate Christmas, we leave the Pampa. We go back for the 'civilization'. Suddenly, the engine stops ...we are not so far to reach the place where the truck is expecting us. We start to paddle all together with shoes, bottles, ... Paddling would take some hours if we do not find a solution ... At a moment, an another boat cross us ... We shout to ask them for help. Luis, our guide, is furious about our attitude ... The guide from the second boat doesn't give a shit and continue his way slowly ... Until the tourists of the second boat ask him to help us ... Then he comes back and tows us. What a crazy competition ...

Finally we catch the truck ... for the 3 hours of track.