Bolivie - An incredible enncounter before going back to La Paz  - Dec 2006

Pablo and Daniel become friends. They have a lot of interesting topics to share. On the way back, Pablo explains to Daniel that he met an incredible man. A survivor from the concentration camp with only 28 kilos when he left the camp. This spanish engineer has decided to leave Europa to live in the Amazonia for 50 years. On the evening, Pablo, Daniel and Alex a Spanish journalist living in La Paz take the dinner together.

Together, they think that we can not forget the story of the old man. But how to keep the memory ? And why not to make a documentary ... Quickly they make an analysis including feasability, budget, planning ...They decide to create an association. In 2007 they will prepare the script and the authorisations and in 2008 the documentary will be produced. They just have to find now a crazy cameraman who will accept to join the team.


When we leave, we promise each other to keep the motivation. It will be a great experience and the message has to stay for the future generations.

We go back to La Paz ... tomorrow it is the new year's day.

We have spent 10 exceptionnal days in the amazonia.