Torres del Paine - Trekking to the Tres Torres - Oct 2006

Daniel and Sacha leave for a trekking towards the Tres Torres which is at an altitude of 930 m. They will need 4 hours to arrive to the top and 3h30 to come back. The trekking is splendid and Sacha is very courageous. They meet some people who turn back, the trekking is too long for them… the gourds are filled in the rivers progressively. To achieve the top, it is necessary to pass by a incredible slope made of enormous stones, but the spectacle is so nice that they don't regret  the effort… Sacha is delighted when he sees the snow which is not yet completely molten at the top. On the other hand the small lake of the 3 Torres is still half frozen. The days after, Daniel has pain in the legs whereas Sacha is in a great shape …








On the way back, Sacha ask Daniel to take a picture of the ladder: “It is funny! I would like to show it to my buddies…”











During the trekking, Catherine met in the campsite two young French. Arnaud and Caroline who has decided for gap year around the world.







The following day, we set out again towards Argentina in direction of El Calafate. We do not have almost any more Diesel and our stock of food is close to zero. It will be necessary to fullfill our stocks… Leaving Torres del Paine, we leaves our friends Guanacos staying at the edge of a lagoon.