Torres del Paine - Glacier 'Grey' (Chili) - Oct 2006

When we arrive at 'Lago Grey', we see enormous icebergs at the edge of the water. Sacha shouts: “An iceberg… waouw.”. The iceberg are white, blue, transparent… magical. The colour contrast with the brown beach, the mountains in the back, the blue sky and the glacier  is splendid. In the back one sees the glacier.







To reach the beach, we cross a small bridge Here, the wind blows with an incredible force… One will explain us later that at this place the wind can blow with nearly 100 km/h. The bridge moves and the children have fun while crossing it. After the bridge, the spectacle is superb..










We take pieces of ice coming from the icebergs which are at the edge of the water. It looks as a pure and transparent crystal. Each of us try the fresh taste of the ice even if Catherine and Luka prefer to crunch it…

We take a boat to reach the glacier. After a few minutes, Emma gets friends with the captain and starts to pilot the boat. Then it will be the turn of Lisa and Sacha to imitate their small sister.

We sail between 2 mountainsides. The wind blows and projects droplets… The spectacle is a pleasure for the eyes.

When we arrive at a few meters of the glacier, it is really spectacular…

While going along the glacier, we discover dazzling spectacle.










Back to the ground, full of colors in the eyes, we benefit from the sun going down just before joining a third camp-site. Daniel wants to make a trekking tomorrow to the Tres Torres. A fire for the evening is welcome to heat us before the night