Argentina - North-West - Feb 2006

We give a lift to two young hitch-hikers ... They are happy to find some space on the trailer. First, they wanted to go Cafayate with us, but finally Pablo et Gabriel will stay for more than 500 km seated on the trailer. They are two young argentinians visiting their country during school holiday.






The roads to Cafayate ( To be pronounced Cafa Chaté ) are superb.

We take a track to a small hotel with its own vines, its own production and its own wine cellar.

We ask for a visit and the oenologist accepts.

Normally, the production and degustation is only for their customers ... Technology is modern, the cellar is superb and the wine is great. Wonderful!





At night, asado with our two hitch-hikers guests ...

After Cafayate, direction Tafi del Valle. On the way, we visit the Quilmes ruines. The Quilmes population has resisted for 130 years attacks of the conquistadors. Disseminated, they left their village to create a new city called also Quilmes ... today Buenos-Aires. By the way, we found the origin of the name of the most popular beer of Argentina.



The Pachamama Museum, created by the famous argentinian artist Hector Cruz is quite strange ... Carpets are spelndid !



We get on 3000m height in a desert landscape covered with cactus.

At the top of the mountain, the temperature goes down and we drive in the middle of the clouds. The two hitch-hikers start to be cold.







When we go down the valley, it is an other world ... Green plains and gauchos ... Incredible contrast !







We discover a new sport : The pato. It is a mix between basket-ball and polo.







We decide to drive up to Santiago del Estero. There, Pablo and Gabriel leave us. We are obliged to drive during the night. The police controls are negociated ... and we are even losing more time. When we arrive in Santiago, a man in a pick-up comes to us. "Hello, I am the owner of a camping car ...I know what it is to arrive during night time in a city... I can help you to find a place to sleep". He shows us the way to the camping and invites us for a breakfast the day after

Once again, we are so surprised by those fantastic argentinians!