Happiness is not at the end of the way. It is in the way .
Antonio Machado

The travel is a kind of door from where we go out of reality to enter in an unexplored reality which seems to be a dream                                    Guy de Maupassant

  El presento es un regalo              Ana-Maria, Santiago del Estero, Argentina

Why people are always worried about travelling in remote areas ? You just don't know what you don't know !                               A new-zelander met in Iran

What do we lose crossing a border ? Each moment is splitted in two. In one side, there is the melancholy for what we leave and at the other side the excitation of the discovery.          Che Guevara

The topic somebody starts speaking with you the first time you meet him shows what this guy think about you                     A campsite manager in El Bolson, Argentina

The world is full of people with their pockets fulfilled with truths    Gabi, Buenos Aires, Argentina

I know what I am doing but not what I am looking for !       Daniel, in India, as an answer to somebody who asked him : ' why do you travel ?'



Last update : 18/05/2008

We are back home. This is the last update.

Nearly two years later, after a nomadic life, sometimes in tough conditions, far away from our family and our friends, we come back to a 'normal' life.

Our house seems too big. Catherine has found back her washing and drying machines, we do not need to look for water or wood, our beds seem too much comfortable !

Luka is extremely troubled. For him, this is a new and unknown world ... He asked us if we will stay a long time in this hotel ... his house!


Today, we all need to readjust our life !

At the same time, it is so pleasant to rediscover the daily activities with amazed eyes and much more consciously. It is as it was the first time ...

Our expedition has really and positively influenced us and we feel today grown up.

In front of the map of the world, we were dreaming during the preparation. But we didn't know what exactly was going to happen in the next months ... and finally we crossed the big step from dream to reality.

We had already a large experience of travelling in different continents but nothing in comparison with an overlanding trip without coming back home.

Initially, we had a lot of questionmarks and doubts mixed with the excitation of the discoveries and the happiness to travel freely. We were lacking comfort, security ( even if it is virtual ), closeness with our family and friends ... But after a while, all this disappeared to let simply a great feeling of happiness.

Our relationship with the mother nature also increased.

All details appeared magnified : the melody from a small bird, the sunsets and sunrises, the wind over our skin, the message from a friend or from the family, the gaze of our children on the life 

It is as we are one with the rest of the world.

We have learnt also to enjoy the present without to worry for the future.

And that is a revolution for us ...



We overlanded across South America, Africa, Middle East and to the doors of Asia ... We had a target to live a completely different life, to experience diversity on a daily basis. Our goal has been achieved. So often we found that we were switching from one world to another ! And that is more obvious in the continuity of the travel !

Family life 24 hours per day was at the same time one of the target and a challenge.

One of the biggest value of our expedition is precisely that we were a family with 4 children.

We are aware of having had the opportunity for living a unique experience.

We all have today a strange feeling to be much closer !


Our trip was organised without any business or professional goals. That too gave us a feeling of freedom !

And what does remain from that 'creasy' decision to leave a 'normal' and secure life to run over the world and to live without knowing about the next day ?

A feeling of achievement and a well being, so many great memories, dozen of filming hours, thousands of pics which we will sort one day if possible  ...  Paradoxically, we also have the feeling to draw nearer of the people who are important for us.

We let this website for all those who dream and/or hesitate to make the step.

It was possible for us with 4 children ...

All our fears and difficulties are only perceptions. Often, they are far away from the reality. They are only psychological barriers and they exist only because we have decided it.


We wish you a great travel. Real or in your imagination !

And don't forget : La vie est vraiment belle !

Us 6, Belgium



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