Happiness is not at the end of the way. It is in the way .
Antonio Machado

The travel is a kind of door from where we go out of reality to enter in an unexplored reality which seems to be a dream                                    Guy de Maupassant

  El presento es un regalo              Ana-Maria, Santiago del Estero, Argentina

Why people are always worried about travelling in remote areas ? You just don't know what you don't know !                               A new-zelander met in Iran

What do we lose crossing a border ? Each moment is splitted in two. In one side, there is the melancholy for what we leave and at the other side the excitation of the discovery.          Che Guevara

The topic somebody starts speaking with you the first time you meet him shows what this guy think about you                     A campsite manager in El Bolson, Argentina

The world is full of people with their pockets fulfilled with truths    Gabi, Buenos Aires, Argentina

I know what I am doing but not what I am looking for !       Daniel, in India, as an answer to somebody who asked him : ' why do you travel ?'


The scheduled route was the following. Our expedition was close to the forecast

We should update the actual route.  We will do it one day ... but who knows when ?

 Sorry and see you soon perhaps !













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